Calysta's Journal

I live in a small town in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. My best friend is my brother Steve. I think I have a good sense of humour, enjoy a good giggle and am told that I am a good listener.

At present I am into writing fanfiction. Supernatural is still a favourite. I have written Sam/Dean and J2. At present, I have found another fandom Hawaii Five-O so am writing Danny/Steve stories at the moment!!

I enjoy writing and its become quite a passion. I turned writing fanfiction into something else creating my own characters and have been published - Dance of Death (2010) and Cover Art (2011), Pendragon's Legacy (2012) all published by Dreamspinner Press. I also have a small flash fiction story (Nessie) in British Flash, which is a free anthology marking a UK Writers Event held in July 2011.

In real life, I work in IT at a hospital near my home. I love my little house and have filled it with my collection of teddy bears. Love music, all types as long as you can hear the words. I quite like gardening and have replaced my back lawn with coloured slate, yay no more mowing and it looks pretty too!!